What Causes Teeth to Stain?

Teeth can get stained by certain foods and drinks. Teeth can also be stained by various activities and lifestyle choices. If you want to maintain clean teeth that appear white and pearly, you’re not alone. Knowing what causes teeth to stain can help you avoid things that will cause your teeth to turn yellow, brown or gray.

Staining Agents

There are many foods and beverages that can cause stains on your teeth. Some common staining foods and drinks include coffee, tea, red wine, tomato sauce, soy sauce, beets.

Some lifestyle choices can also stain your teeth. For example, smoking can cause your teeth to turn brown. In addition, poor oral hygiene habits can also cause your teeth to become stained. If you don’t floss once daily or brush your teeth twice per day, your teeth may be more likely to become stained.

What You Can Do

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to make your teeth less likely to stain. One thing you can start doing is swishing with water after eating, especially when you’re eating or drinking something that is likely to stain your teeth. Swishing with water helps wash away some of the staining agents that are left behind after you swallow.

Another thing you can do is pay more attention to your oral hygiene routine. Don’t let yourself slide on brushing teeth in the morning and the evening. Floss daily. Not sure if you are doing a good job flossing and brushing? Talk to your dentist in Medina OH. Your dentist can show you how to brush your teeth properly and ensure that you’re flossing the right way.

Get Your Teeth Whitened

If your teeth have turned yellow or brown and you’re frustrated with the state of your teeth, it may be time for teeth whitening in Medina OH. Professional teeth whitening with a dentist is better than getting your teeth whitened with a whitening kit at home, because professional teeth whitening is more effective and lasts longer.

Want to know more about getting your teeth whitened with the dentist office? contact Evanko Dental Group of Medina. Our dental professionals will help you get the smile you want. Call today to make an appointment.

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