Five Flossing Mistakes Most People Make and How to Correct Them

Have you told your dentist in Medina, OH that you’ve been brushing and flossing regularly, but they came back and told you that, unfortunately, you still have some dental issues? It happens. And one of the reasons it happens is because not everyone flosses correctly.

Five Flossing Mistakes Most People Make and How to Correct Them

Here are the most common flossing mistakes and how to correct them.

1. Flossing After Brushing

Most dentists recommend you floss before brushing your teeth. Flossing loosens the plaque and food from between your teeth and brushing them brushes it all away. However, if you floss after brushing, that loosened plaque and food remains in your mouth and can end up back on your teeth.

2. Flossing Too Frequently

Flossing is extremely important. However, you should only floss once a day. If you floss too frequently, you might damage your gums. Most people consider this great news, because does anyone really like to floss? Probably not!

3. Flossing at the Wrong Time

The best time to floss your teeth is before brushing and before you go to bed. Flossing before you go to bed will help ensure that the plaque and food debris stuck between your teeth are removed and don’t have all night to turn into more dangerous bacteria. Additionally, if you want to avoid causing yourself unnecessary dental issues, always be sure to schedule yourself for routine teeth cleaning in Medina, OH twice a year.

4. Not Flossing Each Side of Every Tooth

Most people only floss one side of each tooth. However, it’s extremely important that you floss both sides of every tooth to make sure you are getting to all the food and plaque that is on and in-between all your teeth.

5. Flossing Too Aggressively

Flossing too aggressively can cause gum damage. If your gums bleed when you floss and your dentist has ruled out gum disease or other oral issues, then you are probably flossing too aggressively. So take your time and floss more gently.

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