Dental Implants: 6 Benefits to Consider

When you’re missing a tooth, it’s important to fill the gap. Implants are among the most popular and convincing types of prosthetic teeth. Implants are so effective they’re almost impossible to distinguish from natural teeth! Below, we’ve written about the many benefits of implants. To find out if you’re a good candidate for implants, talk to your dentist in Medina, OH.

1. Natural Appearance

Dental implants look so natural that they’re nearly impossible to distinguish from your real teeth. To add to the realism, your dentist will match the color of your implant to the color of the other teeth in your mouth. Once the implant is in, no one will be able to tell the difference. Your smile will look whole, just as it was before the loss of the permanent tooth.

2. Natural Functionality

Implants don’t just look like natural teeth: they also function like natural teeth. Implants are fused with the jaw, so they can bite, chew and tear almost exactly like natural teeth. Implants also need to be cleaned twice daily, just like your natural teeth, so you can incorporate your implants into your normal cleaning routine.

3. Permanent

Unlike dentures, implants don’t ever come out of your mouth. They’ll never slip around or come out of place.

4. Easy to Maintain

As already mentioned, implants don’t need to be cleaned separately from your other teeth. When you’re brushing your natural teeth, that’s the perfect time to also brush your implants! In addition, implants need to be inspected by the dentist periodically – just like your natural teeth. Your dentist will check your implants when you come in for your normal cleaning and exam.

5. Prevent Teeth From Shifting

Implants fill gaps in the mouth. If those gaps remain unfilled, your permanent teeth could start to shift, which can cause your teeth to become misaligned. Getting an implant prevents this from happening.

6. Get Your Smile Back

The main benefit of implants in Medina OH is the restoration of your smile! A lost tooth can impact the appearance of your smile. An implant can put your smile back the way it used to be.

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