3 Same-Day Crown Myths You Can Smile About  

When you are dealing with a damaged tooth, the idea of having to leave that tooth damaged for the world to see can be alarming. Thankfully, same-day crowns in Medina, OH make it possible to schedule an appointment and walk away with a restored tooth. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation regarding same-day crowns. Check out the most prevailing myths and facts you will be happy to know about same-day dental crowns.

Myth 1: Same-day crowns are simply temporary crowns.

Temporary crowns are the dental crowns you are fitted with when you have to wait on a permanent crown. These are not the same as same-day crowns. The same-day crown is made with the same durable materials right in the office. Therefore, when you leave after your appointment, you won’t have to revisit unless a problem comes up.

Myth 2: Same-day crowns are more likely to fall off or be ill-fitting.

Actually, you are less likely to face issues with a same-day crown than you are with a standard crown. The technology used to create a crown in the office is highly advanced. Instead of relying on molds, which have their limitations, to form the crown, scanning equipment is used to take detailed measurements of the underlying tooth. These measurements are so precise, most same-day crowns are a perfect fit.

Myth 3: You can’t get a same-day crown due to severe decay.

Same-day crowns may be recommended for several reasons, including when a tooth is severely decayed. Before a crown is placed, however, more extensive work may need to be done on the existing tooth. For example, many instances of severe decay require root canal therapy to remove any diseased tooth tissue and prevent further deterioration. If root canal treatment is required, you may need an additional appointment to handle both procedures.

Find Out More About Same-Day Crowns in Medina, OH

If you are prepared to get a damaged tooth restored as quickly as possible, working with a Medina dentist that offers same-day crowns may be the answer. At Evanko Dental Group of Medina, we are happy to help you with same-day crowns. Reach out to our office to schedule an appointment today.


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