4 Ways Modern-Day Dentures Have Evolved

While dental innovations have afforded many new smile restoration options, dentures are still the most popular choice for those who have lost their teeth. If you have been looking into getting dentures yourself, you will be pleased to know that modern-day dentures have really evolved over the years. Here is a closer look at just how much these smile replacements have changed.

1. Dentures are more realistic in appearance than ever.

Many patients who need dentures are under the impression that the mouthpieces always look like fake teeth. However, modern innovations have made it possible to create dentures that look far more realistic than they ever have before. Thanks to changes like lifelike gum tissue to synthetic teeth that boast a natural shade and shape, many people have dentures and the people around them have no idea.

2. Dentures can be better fitting due to digital dentistry.

Not only do dentists take impressions before making dentures, but they may also use digital instruments to garner accurate measurements of the shape of the mouth and jaws. Digital dentistry is an excellent resource during denture creation because these techniques allow for the appliances to be perfectly built to be a perfect fit.

3. Dentures can be more aligned with your natural smile.

When you go in for a consultation about dentures, the dentist will go to great lengths to make your new smile look as much like your natural smile as possible. The dentist may:

  • Take measurements of your existing teeth before they are extracted
  • Look at photos of your smile from the past
  • Work with you to pick the proper tooth and gingival shades
  • Examine your natural bite

4. Dentures can be anchored in place if needed.

For patients who have a great deal of bone loss or have issues with traditional dentures staying firmly seated, implant-supported dentures and partials are now a possibility. These dentures are seated on surgically implanted posts so they cannot shift and move as you speak or chew.

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When all is said and done, modern-day dentures are an excellent way to restore chewing power and your smile. If you are interested in dentures, reach out to us a the Evanko Dental Group of Medina to schedule an appointment.


Is There More Than One Kind of Implant-Supported Bridge?

Implant-supported bridges are nearly identical to traditional bridges in form; however, with dental implant-supported bridges, implant connectors are used as retainers instead of the patient’s crowned natural teeth. Just like its traditional counterpart, implant-supported bridges use crowns. The crowns are placed on connectors that have a similar shape to a natural tooth after it has been prepared for placing a crown.

Types of Implant-Supported Bridges

Implant-supported bridges can be fixed or removable. The removable option is frequently referred to as overdentures.

What Is the Difference Between a Fixed and a Removable Dental Bridge?

A fixed implant-supported bridge is permanently attached to the abutments of the dental implants, which means that this type of bridge cannot be removed without assistance from a dental professional.

A removable implant-supported dental bridge is preferred by some patients because the bridge can be removed regularly for cleaning purposes. In addition, a removable implant-supported dental bridge is less expensive than the fixed implant-supported bridge.

Preventing Bone Resorption

Once teeth are missing, unless they are replaced with dental implants, the bone begins resorbing (i.e., breaking down). It is this resorption process that causes an individual’s face to appear withdrawn/sunken in. The jawbone begins resorbing because it is no longer being stimulated by the natural roots of the teeth. However, when implant-supported dental bridges are used to replace the missing teeth, patients enjoy a fuller, less withdrawn, more youthful-looking appearance.

Both the fixed and removable dental implant bridges provide the support necessary to keep the lips and cheeks fuller.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Fixed Implant-Supported Bridge?

This type of bridge is ideal for patients who have recently lost all, or most of their teeth. Most of these patients will have a substantial amount of jawbone, which makes them an ideal candidate for a fixed implant-supported dental bridge.

Who Should Consider a Removable Implant-Supported Bridge?

Patients who have suffered a significant amount of bone loss are generally good candidates for the removable implant-supported bridge (aka overdenture). The overdenture not only restore an individual’s ability to chew food more efficiently, but they also provide support for the facial structures. This support can make an individual look younger.

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