3 Tips to Help Your Child Maintain Healthy Teeth Throughout the School Year

During the school year, keeping your child’s teeth healthy can be tough. After all, your child is not even in your presence for much of the school day. How can you help them keep their teeth clean?

As your dentist in Medina, OH, we’re here to help you help your child take care of their teeth. By giving your child the tools and information they need to maintain healthy teeth and gums, you can avoid problems like cavities. Here’s what you should know.

1. Send your child with healthy snacks and lunches.

Make it easier for your child to take care of their teeth by sending them with healthy snacks and lunches for their school day. Low-sugar snacks are best. For example, pita and hummus, celery or carrots, and ranch dressing are all examples of foods that are relatively healthy and low in sugar. Celery and carrots, in particular, are good for your child’s teeth because they have a crunch that helps clean your child’s teeth while they eat.

2. Monitor their tooth brushing habits.

Many children lack the coordination to brush their teeth properly. Until they’re about 8 or 9 years old, many children need to have their teeth cleaned by adults. Once they’re old enough to clean their own teeth, they still need their tooth-brushing habits monitored to ensure they’re brushing their teeth.

Pay attention to your child’s nightly routine, especially if they have a lot of homework that keeps them busy. Don’t let them forget to brush their teeth, and if they need help with the teeth brushing, offer to do it for them.

3. Make a dental appointment with your child’s dentist.

Don’t forget that your child needs to see the dentist on a regular basis to keep their teeth clean and healthy. Once the school year starts, you’ll need to make an appointment that won’t conflict with your child’s school schedule or after-school activities schedule. Work with your dentist’s office to find the best appointment for your child.

If your child shows signs of a dental problem, it may be time for a dental exam and cleaning in Medina OH. Call Evanko Dental Group of Medina to make an appointment today.

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