Is Sedation Dentistry Safe For Children?

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe For Children?

Sedation dentistry, or “sleep dentistry,” as it is sometimes called, is popular for use with adult dental patients. But since children need dental services, too, many parents ask your Medina, OH dentist if sedation dentistry is safe for children. The short answer is, yes. But there’s a lot to know about sedation dentistry for children in Medina, OH.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is the practice of sedating a dental patient before a dental treatment. Sedation dentistry means that the dentist can work on the patient without the patient experiencing anxiety and nervousness during the treatment. This makes the treatment go more smoothly and sometimes more quickly, since the dentist doesn’t need to stop and soothe the patient’s fears.

How Sedation Dentistry Differs From Anesthesia

The anesthesia used for surgeries is different than the sedative used in sedation dentistry. Surgical anesthesia typically renders a patient unconscious. Sedation dentistry simply renders the patient relaxed. With surgical anesthesia, the patient is usually unaware of what is happening. With sedation dentistry, the patient may be aware of what is happening, but they don’t care so much. It might be compared to a feeling of total relaxation, similar to how you feel just as you are about to go to sleep at night. You feel very drowsy and relaxed, but you’re still awake. That’s how sedation dentistry in Medina, OH feels.

Why Would a Child Need Sedation Dentistry in Medina?

Sedation dentistry might be right for your child if:

  • They have severe anxiety about visiting the dentist
  • They need to have drilling or another invasive treatment
  • They are very fidgety or hyperactive
  • They need multiple visits to complete a treatment

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe For Children?

Sedation dentistry is safe for children. If your child needs any kind of treatment that makes them feel nervous, sedation dentistry is a good option to consider. In fact, depending upon the level of anxiety that your child may feel around dental visits, sedation dentistry can make the visit easier and faster. Sedation dentistry in Medina, OH is available for your child. Ask your dentist for details.

Your Medina, OH dentist will be able to talk to you so you can decide together if sedation dentistry is right for your child. Contact us today for more details about how sedation dentistry works for children.

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