4 Ways to Soothe Your Teething Baby

While it’s definitely exciting when your baby’s teeth grow in, it can also be uncomfortable for your baby. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to make your baby more comfortable while teething. Below are some suggestions. Once your baby’s teeth have appeared, it’s time to make an appointment with the dentist in Medina, OH. We look forward to meeting your little one!

1. Let Your Baby Chew on a Cold Teething Ring

Buy your baby one or several teething rings for them to chew on. Some teething rings come with a gel inside. These rings can be popped in the freezer and then given to your baby for chewing. You can also put solid (non-gel) rings in the freezer.

Buy several teething rings of different shapes, sizes and textures, to give your baby some options. You’ll find that your baby will develop a preference to some over others. Having several on hand will keep things interesting for your baby and help ensure that your baby will find the ring they truly prefer.

2. Administer Over the Counter Medication

Medicines like acetaminophen are often used to soothe teething babies. Before administering any medicine to your baby, get the pediatrician’s recommendation regarding type of medicine and dosage amounts. Never give your baby a medicine or herbal remedy that the doctor does not recommend.

3. Rub Their Gums

Rubbing your baby’s gums can offer them some relief. Wash your hands before rubbing your baby’s gums, or allow your baby to bite down on your fingers, just like a chew toy.

4. Extra Cuddle Time

Babies that are uncomfortable often benefit from extra cuddle time with parents. Hold your baby and talk to your baby. Put your baby in a carrier, on your lap or just hold your baby in your arms as you do chores and tasks around the house. Doing this can help your baby feel better, and can keep them from crying as much.

Once your baby is ready to see the dentist, take them to a practice that offers pediatric dentistry in Medina, OH. Call Evanko Dental Group of Medina to make an appointment to see a dentist that offers excellent dental care.